Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Blog

OK! I Know what you're going to say. And you're right.
Geeze! What happened?!!! A year and no posts. Really? You promised you'd keep up with it.
Ummmm, what can I say. For some reason the last year has been a CRAZY TRAIN out of control and I've just been hanging on for dear life.
First of all, this happened:

Yes! That is indeed a baby. Shocker! I'm really not sure what I was thinking. My other kids were just becoming independent. Now, I'm back to diaper bags and breast feeding.

But you know what? Even though it's been hard, scheduling is a nightmare, and people think I'm insane. I can't imagine my life without the little guy. He was meant to be a part of our family.

Plus, BABY FEET! There is really nothing like little tiny feet. YUMMY!!!!

I'm not going to cover everything that happened over the last year, but here are a few highlights:
A few days after I found out I was pregnant, we were informed that my husband was going to lose his job. That really rocked my world. Let's just say I was a basket case. So one day happy everything is AWESOME and the next BOOM.
Needless to say, we had some scary months.
It really made the recession real for our family.

Despite the terror, I think we're stronger for it as a family. We have a beautiful, healthy family and that is what is really important.

We did have another sad event. Remember the puppy we adopted.
Ummmm, that ended badly. One night as we were feeding the dogs dinner, she attacked Adger. Ever see wild Kingdom? Imagine that in your living room while your children are sleeping upstairs. We had to have Animal Control come and take her.
Adger lost one of his eyes and nearly died. He's recovered well for an old man (he just turned 13). I keep thinking that it could have been one of the kids.
My guilt is really three fold. I feel bad for the kids. They loved her and they lost their pet. I really feel bad for Adger, he suffered terribly. And I feel bad for Suri. I keep thinking that I really should have done something to prevent it. We got her from a "No Kill" shelter. They came and picked her up from Animal Control and took her back. They are going to try and work with her. Evidently, there were behavioral problems with some of the other puppies in that litter. I wish it would have worked out differently. But, there is definitely one thing that I learned this year. You can't change what happens in your life. You can only change how you react to it.

ANYWAY. . . I've gotta go feed a baby. I'll try this blog thing again and see what happens. I just have to sit down and do it. If you put it off, it just gets harder and harder. I really have enjoyed this outlet. It makes a great journal and forces me to think about what's going on. The last year seems like a fog. I wish I'd blogged my thoughts so I could come back and look at it all now.