Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kid's Love Dogs (I do too!)

The kids are starting to get a little older and so is our dog Adger. He will turn 12 this year. He was our first  "baby". Since we had him before the kids, he has never really been their dog. I thought it was finally time to get a puppy.

We decided to go with a rescued puppy. That way we get a snuggly puppy and do a good deed at the same time. When I saw this picture, I knew she was the one. Who can resist that puppy face!!!!!
She was rescued off the side of the road with her litter mates at about 5 weeks. It was February and freezing outside and someone happened to find them. Thank heaven for Project Pet. They named all the puppies after Tom Cruise characters. Since she was a girl, they called her Suri and it seems to have stuck.
We have no idea what kind of mix she is. I don't care. She is AMAZING! She fits right into our family. I've missed the smell of puppy breath... The softness of little feet that haven't trod a thousand paths... The wet little nose...

I wanted to do something nice for Project Pet and Wendy, the puppy's foster mom. When I thought of little orphaned animals huddled in lonely fright, I decided to make them a gift basket. I knitted and crocheted. Made fleece snugglies. I think it turned out pretty good.
Wendy got some nice washcloths and some soap from a great website Wolfe Farms Herbal Soaps. Wendy says that the puppies and Kitties at Project Pet love the gifts.
I really enjoyed making it. I've decided that I will devote some of my crafting time from now on to charity. It really makes me feel good to see the face of someone when presented with a gift basket filled with handmade/handpicked items.

The kids are crazy about the puppy. They have to hug and kiss her goodnight every night. We've had a lot of fun taking her for walks and introducing her to people. She is so sweet and an excellent foot warmer. In fact, she is sitting on my feet right now. So kid's love dogs. I love Adger, my first "baby". But I think that this puppy was really for me. Don't tell the kids. It will be our little secret!
P.S. All of her siblings were adopted! Hurray!!!

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  1. What a sweet face...I would of kept them all, I'm such a sucker!:) What an awesome backet you the dog bone on front, toooo cute! There will be a new charity knitting/croing in June on my group on Ravelry...Preemie stuff (my son was a preemie)! Thank you so much for letting me see the pics!:)


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