Monday, May 3, 2010

How does your garden grow?

Growing up, my family always had a garden. Now, with a house and kids of my own, I wanted to share the joy of gardening with my kids. The problem? South Carolina is HOT. VERY, VERY HOT. Also, our yard does not really have an area that would be suitable for a garden. What to do. What to do.

We came up with the solution. A combination of boxes and containers. It  is small enough to weed and take care of without the risk of heat stroke. But large enough to have fun and provide a few veggies. We started planing seeds last week. We are really enjoying watching how fast the plants grow.

It really made me think about my children! It is so much to watch them grow! One day they are little sprouts. Before you know it, they are growing, blossoming andproducing fruity comments! My daughter turns four this month. I can't believe it! It really seems like just last night that I was getting up in the middle of the night. Oh wait, it was last night!

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  1. We're trying to get a garden going as well. I too miss the ones we had in the back yards in Idaho (and the sour pickles! i've never been able to get the mix figured out for those..) my problem is that it's so cold up here most of the time, we have such a short, short growing season that it's hard to do much. I've got tons of things started in the house and waiting desperately for it to warm up enough we can get them outside. Other problem is our yard is full of rocks and lousy soil.. planning a raised bed and some containers this year. esp for some of the things that take longer so they can come back into the house in September when it gets too cold for them to be out anymore. Tomatoes do seem to love my front window though.. am usually trying to kill them off around Thanksgiving so I can have the window back for Christmas displays.


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