Friday, May 14, 2010

Let's Jam! - or - I'm in a pickle!

I'm not sure what evil domestic demon has possessed me lately! Frankly, it's a little disturbing. I've had the overwhelming urge to preserve. As in Jams. VERY SCARY! Yet, yummy.
I've sought the help of a physician (luckily, I'm married to one). The problem is he wants pickles. What am I to do?
My kitchen is a wreck. The fridge is full of tiny jars of jam. We can't even find the milk. Now, add the pickles and watch out! Jars and jars of pickles. There are cucumbers everywhere.
Can I do just one variety of pickle? Oh, no. Since everything is out we might as well try a few kinds. We never know when this plague may strike again. After all, I'm 37 and this is the first time I've been afflicted. These canned goods may need to last another 30 years!
I need to take some pictures, but I can't find the camera. Where is it? Is it behind the pickling spice? In the fridge buried among the jars of jam? Am I losing my mind?
The only solution is to hit the streets and see if anyone will take some of this off my hands. Actually, I'm going to gift them to people that have been sweet and spicy in my life. Just a little "Thank You".  I love homemade gifts!
I just realized. It's only spring! What if this condition persists? What happens when the tomatoes ripen?
Zucchini anyone?


  1. Yummmy! I've made fact I did the other night...but I've never made pickles...YET!:)

  2. I will warn you, it is a very addictive pastime.. I usually wind up giving these sorts of things out at Christmas (this year was pickles and pickled veggies, fyi, pickled carrots are great! also did a huge batch of pumpkin banana bread cuz I was insane.. most years stick to jam and bread, though one year I did dog treats for all our friends and neighbors with dogs...)
    Jams i go all over the place with, usually blends of things. Pickles I tend to stick to kosher dill cuz I love LOVE pickled garlic..
    Am now trying my hand at cheesemaking these days.. but hubby needs to build me a press and cheese cellar before i can get too far into it.. (it was all his idea, so, only fair..) but so far, it has been yummy..


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