Monday, May 17, 2010

Pickled Again and Ooh, La La!

I need to get another refrigerator! This one is packed and I still have a drawer full of cucumbers! So far, I've made 15lbs of strawberries into jam and 30 jars of pickles. On Friday, I had to spread the love. I packed up the car with preserves.  I put together some knit dishcloths, jam and pickles with handwritten notes. I dropped them off with several friends. It was so sweet to see the looks of delight on peoples faces when delivering hand made goods. They all seemed a little confused at first. I could see them wondering if there was a holiday that they'd forgotten about. One person even gave me a hug and teared up. So nice! (and it helped reduce the pressure on my bursting fridge)
It really made me feel great. 

I'll post some recipes as soon as I get the chance.

I can't believe that my baby is 4. What happened to my sweet, pink, cuddly, slobbering baby? She is all grown up! 
 We threw her a Fancy Nancy Tea Party. We based it on the books by Jane O'Connor. OK, so I got carried away. I had so much fun putting it together from the invitations to the food to the cake. We asked for everyone to come dressed up. One family took us very seriously, the dad actually came in a tuxedo! Awesome!!!!

So she is all grown up, but she'll always be my baby!


  1. What a great birthday party!

    omg your fridge! lol

  2. you were warned!! :) we have 2 fridges and 2 small freezers as well (we had a 3rd larger one, but it was old and died..) and they are always full (and yet everyone says there's never anything to eat... teenagers!) which was part of why i went to making jams and pickling. I need to work on regular canning as well now that i have a pressure cooker/canner


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